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The market prices of most closed-end funds are reported in the financial pages of daily newspapers. They are shown in the stock exchange (i.e., NYSE, AMEX, or NASDAQ) listing for each respective fund. Like stocks,each closed-end fund has an identifying ticker symbol which can be useful in locating quotes and trading data.

For investors who wish to obtain the NAV of their fund, most closed-end funds offer a toll-free number and updates on NAV either daily or weekly.

The National Association of Securities Dealers (NASD) collects and disseminates NAVs of closed-end funds on a daily basis, through most electronic quotation services. Additional sources for statistical data include Lipper, Morningstar and Thomson Financial. There are also brokerage and advisory firms who specialize in CEFs and offer a wide range of services.

Finally, the Closed-End Fund Association hosts a free-access website which provides daily NAVs and performance histories for all reporting closed-end funds.

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