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The Lipper Average is the average performance at Market of all funds within a Lipper fund classification for any time period specified. Classifications with new funds within the last 6 months are marked with a .

Lipper Classification Summary

Statistic Value
Total Number of Funds
Total Net Assets (mil)*

* The amount of assets in a fund at the end of a day or a designated period after deductions of all operating costs.

To narrow down the Funds in the second table, click on a Classification in the first table to filter the results. Click the "Reset All Asset Classes" button to remove the Classification filter.

Lipper Classification Average for 1 Day

as of
Classification Class Code Lipper Average (Market) Number of Funds Total Net Assets (mil)*
Click to add a fund to compare.

Lipper Average for 1 Day

as of
12-MO Yield as of
Fund Name (Ticker) Class Code Total Net Assets (mil)* NAV Return 1 Day NAV Rank Income Only Yield Distribution Yield (Market)
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