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CEF Insights Podcast: Thornburg's Global Equities & Fixed Income Strategy For High Current Income & Global Growth



Christian Hoffman

Portfolio Manager & Managing Director

Thornburg Investment Management

Thornburg Investment Management's multi-asset strategy of global dividend-paying equities and diversified fixed income with an options overlay may provide investors with high current income and global growth over time — and help mitigate some risks of today's market volatility. In this CEF Insights Podcast episode, Thornburg Portfolio Manager and Managing Director Christian Hoffmann discusses opportunities in these asset classes, the 2023 outlook, and more views on the current market. 

Thornburg is a privately held global investment firm delivering on strategy for institutions, financial professionals, and investors worldwide, and offers a variety of products including closed-end funds. Its Thornburg Income Builder Opportunities Trust, ticker TBLD, allocates between global equities and fixed income to support an income stream as well as total return for investors.

Audio recorded in October 2022.

About the CEF Insights Podcast

Presented by the Closed-End Fund Association (CEFA), the CEF Insights Podcast provides investors with closed-end fund education, insights, and perspectives. The CEF Insights Podcast is available on, Apple Podcasts, Seeking Alpha, Spotify, and other leading podcast platforms.

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