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Advisor Summit: New York Video

Crucial Point in Closed-End Funds
Frank Abella, Jr., President & CEO — Investment Partners Group

With Fed involvement in securities markets creating a lot of mispriced assets, we are at a very crucial point in the investment cycle worldwide. Frank J. Abella, Jr., President and CEO of Investment Partners Group comments on the impact this scenario is having on the closed-end fund space and compares the reactions of equity investors and fixed income investors when interest rates rise.

Utilizing the Closed-End Fund Structure
Larry Antonatos, Managing Director, Portfolio Manager — Brookfield Investment Management

In the closed-end fund structure there aren’t the usual inflows and outflows, which can make the funds appealing to many investors. Larry Antonatos, Managing Director, Global Equities at Brookfield Investment Management talks about some of the interesting investment strategies utilizing the closed-end fund structure and explains how interest rate movements can significantly affect real assets due to their short-term sensitivity.

Finding Alternative Assets with Closed-End Funds
Robert Bush, Jr., Senior Vice President — Calamos Investments

In today’s market, many people are looking for different alternative asset investment ideas. Robert Bush Jr., Senior Vice President at Calamos Investments offers his insight into closed-end funds and how they can provide income for investors.

Clarifying Closed-End Funds
Mariana Bush, CFA, Head of CEF/ETP Research — Wells Fargo Advisors

Closed-end funds can sometimes be confusing to investors. Mariana Bush, Head of Closed-End and Exchange-Traded Fund Research at Wells Fargo Advisors, shares some of the questions she hears the most regarding closed-end funds and explains the benefits of attending conferences such as the CEFA Advisor Summit.

The Pros and Cons of Closed-End Funds
Jon Diorio, Managing Director — BlackRock

Given the low-yield, low-return environment we are currently in, closed-end funds can have an important part in investors’ portfolios. Jonathan Diorio, Managing Director – Product Management at BlackRock provides his insight on some of the benefits of investing in closed-end funds and comments on the potential risk.

Common Themes Surrounding Closed-End Funds
Jonathan Isaac, Vice President, Director of Product Management — Eaton Vance

Jonathan Isaac, Director of Product Management at Eaton Vance shares some of the themes he sees in the closed-end fund space and comments on some the questions he hears most from clients during the CEFA Advisor Summit.

Uncertainty & Opportunity
Anne Kritzmire, Managing Director, Closed-End Funds & Global Structured Products — Nuveen

With all of the new DOL regulations, many advisors are faced with a lot of uncertainty. Anne Kritzmire, Managing Director, Closed-End Funds & Global Structured Products at Nuveen talks about some of the concerns she is hearing from advisors and discusses some of the ways closed-end funds can address their needs.

Staying Focused on Total Return
Chris Larsen, Manager, Closed-End Funds — Legg Mason

In the current low-rate environment, even if the Fed raises rates in the near future, the income generated from closed-end funds is still attracting more investors than many of the other vehicles. Chris Larsen, Manager – Closed-End Funds at Legg Mason, shares his two takeaways from the CEFA Advisor Summit where he opens up about the income potential of closed-end funds and the importance of a focus on total return, and shares his outlook for the MLP market.

Trends in Closed-End Fund Industry
Patrick Maldari, CFA, Senior Investment Specialist — Aberdeen Asset Management

One of the major concerns of closed-end fund investors is higher short-term interest rates especially on the fixed income side. Patrick Maldari, Senior Portfolio Manager, Global Fixed Income at Aberdeen Asset Management discusses this and other trends he sees in both his company’s funds and those in the closed-end fund space in general. Patrick also shares his insight into where he sees the biggest discounts and opportunities and comments on the emerging market space.

Finding Income Through Closed-End Funds
Stephen Minar, Vice President — BlackRock

If you ask most investors, they will tell you that there is fairly large need for income in today’s market. Stephen Minar, Vice President, Closed-End Funds at BlackRock explains why closed-end funds can be a great way to fill that need, providing his insight into the various CEF investment strategies.

Closed-End Funds in Canada
Jonathan Morgan, President & CEO — Canadian General Investments, Ltd.

One can claim that closed-end funds are really a structure with a whole bunch of asset classes underneath. Jonathan Morgan, President of Canadian General Investments discusses why sometimes they can be the best structure for a particular asset class and shares his insight into where to find income, particularly in the Canadian CEF space.

Convertible Bonds Yield High Total Return
F. Barry Nelson, CFA, Partner — Advent Capital Management

Providing income to investors has become a seemingly impossible endeavor in today’s market. F. Barry Nelson, CFA, Partner at Advent Capital Management, LLC comments on the causes behind this difficult trend, including extremely low yield and zero to negative interest rate policies, and offers some hope through convertible bonds.

Finding Income Through Equities
Peter Vanderlee, CFA, Managing Director, Portfolio Manager — ClearBridge Investments (Legg Mason)

In this market, the search for income is growing wider and wider as it’s becoming increasingly difficult to find. Peter Vanderlee, CFA, Managing Director, Portfolio Manager at ClearBridge Investments shares some of the ways in which fixed income is not living up to investor expectations while equities are proving to be more of a help to investors.



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