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Demystifying the Stigma of Closed-End Funds
Brian Buehring, Managing Director & Portfolio Specialist — Nuveen Investments

Brian Buerhing, Managing Director & Portfolio Manager of Nuveen Investments, talks about how many firms, including his own, are switching to fee-based structures like target term funds to help avoid the anxiety that has built up around the IPO process for closed-end funds. Brian also shares his insights into where he sees the most opportunities within the CEF space as well as his outlook for the industry.

Diversification and Due Diligence: Finding Value in Closed-End Funds
Jon Diorio, Managing Director — BlackRock

Jon Diorio, Managing Director of BlackRock, discusses the tendency of closed-end funds to trade at discount to their net asset value, resulting in a continued inefficient market sentiment. Jon also talks about the attractiveness of the muni market, and why it’s important for financial advisors to stay up-to-speed on current CEFs due to the uncovered opportunities they present for those willing to do their due diligence.

Concerns Over Global Growth Highlight Opportunities in CEFs
Christopher Kilpatrick, Portfolio Manager — Western Asset (Legg Mason)

Christopher Kilpatrick, Portfolio Manager for Western Asset (Legg Mason), discusses some of the macro issues going on in the market leading to global growth concerns while touching on some areas in the market that offer opportunities. Christopher also shares his view on why credit is under pressure and explains where specifically in the CEF space investors can find good value.

Finding Value Through Dislocation and Analysis
Rennie McConnochie, Head of Global Banks — Aberdeen Asset Management

Emerging markets have had a tumultuous few years, especially since the Bernanke Taper Tantrum in 2013. With this in mind, Rennie McConnochie, Head of Global Banks for Aberdeen Asset Management, discusses how his company has adjusted their allocation to take advantage of opportunities created by the dislocation. Rennie also talks about his company’s bottom-up strategy to stock picking and how they educate their clients about the opportunities within the CEF space.

Municipal Bonds and the Case with Puerto Rico
John Miller, CFA, Managing Director, Co-Head of Fixed Income — Nuveen Investments

With the influx of volatility in today’s market, municipal bonds have been the “calm in the storm”. John Miller, Co-Head of Fixed Income at Nuveen Asset Management, discusses why that is the case and also explains the current situation with Puerto Rico as well as his outlook for the CEF industry.

Total Return vs. Price Return in the Closed-End Fund Space
Stephen Minar, Vice President — BlackRock

Stephen Minar, Vice President of BlackRock, talks about the similarities and differences between closed-end funds and bonds and how it’s important for investors in closed-end funds to consider total return versus price return in order to accurately measure the return they are getting. Stephen also shares his insights for opportunities in 2016 and discusses how Fed rates affect the CEF market.

The Misconception of Canada
Jonathan Morgan, President & CEO — Canadian General Investments, Ltd.

Jonathan Morgan, President & CEO of Canadian General Investments, comments on the negative perception of the Canadian market, and explains why it is really a misconception. Jonathan also talks about oil’s effect on the Canadian market, and how Canadian investors can benefit by having access to closed-end funds.

Big Discounts Point to Big Potential for Convertible Closed-End Funds
F. Barry Nelson, CFA, Partner — Advent Capital Management

Due to fears that treasury rates are going to go up, convertible closed-end funds are trading at wide discounts. F. Barry Nelson, Partner at Advent Capital Management, discusses why this is the case despite an historic precedence for convertible securities to yield high positive returns when treasury rates rose. F. Barry Nelson goes on to explain the best method for choosing which funds offer the most growth potential and shares his outlook for 2016.

Low Valuations Mean Buying Opportunities in Midstream Space
Brian Sulley, CFA, Vice President — Tortoise Capital Advisors, LLC

Brian Sulley, Vice President of Tortoise Capital Advisors, discusses the current low valuations of the midstream space and how they compare with what was experienced during the 2008/2009 financial crisis. Brian also shares his thoughts on oil’s supply and demand dynamic as well as the opportunities present in the CEF space.



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