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Opportunities in Fixed Income CEFs
Western Asset
Chris Kilpatrick
Portfolio Manager

Chris is a portfolio manager and part of Western’s team-based approach to managing their funds. He joined Western Asset in 2003, with prior experience at PIMCO and GMAC Mortgage Corp.

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A conversation with Chris about:
• Areas of opportunity for CEF investors
• Investment approach in a rising rate environment
• Using leverage to generate additional income
• Trends in the levels of CEF discounts and premiums

Outlook: Fixed Income Investing After the Fed Rate Increase
Western Asset
John Bellows, PhD, CFA
Portfolio Manager

John is a portfolio manager, and a member of the Western Asset’s U.S. Broad Strategy Committee and the Global Investment Strategy Committee. Prior to joining Western Asset, John served in high-level advisory positions with the U.S. Department of Treasury.

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A conversation with John about:
• Reasons for the interest rate hike by the Federal Reserve
• Fixed income and economic outlook
• Portfolio construction and diversification
• Impact on CEF investments

Energy MLPs: Looking Beyond the Headlines
ClearBridge Investments
Chris Eades
Managing Director & Portfolio Manager

Chris joined ClearBridge in 2007 and has 24 years of investment industry experience. He co-manages multiple energy MLP strategies. 

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A conversation with Eades about:
• The Trump presidency and other factors influencing the MLP space
• Outlook and trends in the energy market
• Benefits of using the CEF structure with MLPs 

Outlook for Small-Caps: Value, Active Management
& CEFs

The Royce Funds
Francis Gannon
Co-Chief Investment Officer & Managing Director

Gannon joined Royce Funds in 2006 and has more than 24 years of industry experience. He serves as the co-chief investment officer and is a member of the executive leadership team at Royce.

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A conversation with Gannon about:
• The dramatic rebound in small-cap stocks in 2016
• The outlook and opportunities in 2017
• Active management in a value-lead market
• Why the CEF structure is good for small-caps

Income Investing in the Emerging Markets
Diversifying Beyond Traditional Fixed Income Exposures
Western Asset
Chia Liang Lian, CFA
Head of Emerging Market Debt

CL Lian joined Western Asset, one of the world's largest fixed income managers, in 2011 and has more than 20 years of experience investing in the emerging markets.

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A conversation with CL about:
• 2017 emerging markets (EM) fixed income outlook
• Potential impact of the U.S. presidential election and trade agreements
• Trends in the EM
• An active vs. passive investment strategy in the EM

Demystifying the Complexities of Investing in CEFs
Practical Insight Into Timely Financial Concerns
Investment Partners Group
Frank Abella
President & CEO
Gregg Abella, AIF®
Co-Principal & Portfolio Manager

Investment Partners Asset Management is a registered investment adviser and a fee-based advisory firm based in New Jersey.

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Frank and Gregg discuss:
• The many options available to take advantage of the CEF structure 
• Their selection process and what to keep in mind when analyzing CEFs
• A comparison of CEFs with ETFs and open-end mutual funds

Generating Income: Why Global Bonds?
Brandywine Global
Gary Herbert, CFA
Portfolio Manager & Head of Global Credit

Gary is head of the Global Credit team and manage a select group of global credit strategies. He joined Brandywine Global in March 2010, bringing with him over 20 years of high yield experience.

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A conversation with Gary about:
• Delivering value to investors in a challenging market environment
• Managing currency exposure and outlook
• Why using a CEF to access global bond markets
• Discount trends in global bond CEFs

A Closer Look at Canada – Investment Opportunities North of the Border
Morgan Meighen & Associates
Jonathan Morgan
Executive Vice President

A Principal of the firm, Jonathan’s responsibilities include investor relations, portfolio management, security analysis, strategic planning and business development.

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A conversation with Jonathan about:
• Investment opportunities in Canada
• Outlook for the Canadian markets, economy, and currency
• Why using an actively managed CEF vs. a passive strategy in Canada

Opportunities for Finding Income
ClearBridge Investments
Peter Vanderlee, CFA
Managing Director & Portfolio Manager

Peter is a member of the Income Solutions team and co-manages the Dividend Strategy products. He joined a predecessor firm of ClearBridge Investments, an independent affiliate of Legg Mason, in 1999.

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Peter highlights:
• Where he sees opportunity for income
• Why investors should care about companies that pay dividends
• What sectors look attractive
• Why using a closed-end fund structure

Investing in Healthcare and Biotechnology
TEKLA Capital Management LLC
Daniel R. Omstead, Ph.D.
President and Chief Executive Officer

Daniel joined TEKLA in 2000 and is also president of Tekla Healthcare Investors, Tekla Life Sciences Investors, Tekla Healthcare Opportunities Fund and Tekla World Heathcare Fund. Previously, he spent 21 years in the biotechnology and pharmaceutical industries.

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Dan discusses:
• The appeal of the biotechnology sector
• Opportunities in pre-public venture companies
• The Affordable Care Act and other factors influencing healthcare investing
• Why TEKLA is using a closed-end fund structure

CEFA Conference Call
December 9, 2015

Jon Diorio, BlackRock
Cara Esser, Morningstar
Anne Kritzmire, Nuveen Investments

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The Korea Fund Annual Shareholder Call
The Korea Fund
October 29, 2015

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An Outlook on the U.S. Energy Renaissance
Goldman Sachs Asset Management
Kyri Loupis
Managing Director & Portfolio Manager

Kyri is the Head of Energy and Infrastructure team and oversees investing in the Master Limited Partnership (MLP) and MLP-related sectors. Kyri joined Goldman Sachs in 2009 to create and launch a dedicated MLP investment platform. Full Bio

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Kyri discusses:
• A review of the Energy sector
• Implications to each part of the value chain due to the decline in oil prices
• Long-term outlook for oil and energy infrastructure
• Potential benefits of using an MLP CEF

An Invitation to the Advisor Summit
Anne Kritzmire
President, CEFA
Managing Director, Closed-End Funds
& Global Structured Products, Nuveen Investments

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Anne discusses:
• Benefits of attending the Advisor Summit
• A closer look at the event agenda

Tap the Potential of the Korean Economy 
Allianz Global Investors / The Korea Fund Inc.
Jenny Ng
Vice President & Product Specialist – Asian Strategies 

Jenny covers Asian equity and fixed-income strategies for Allianz Global Investors. Jenny has over 14 years of experience in the financial services industry. She joined Allianz in 2005 in the Hong Kong office and moved to San Francisco in 2010.

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Jenny discusses:
• The outlook for the Korean economy and market
• Korea’s changing dividend culture
• Why using a CEF vs. ETF to access emerging
markets and single country strategies

A Closer Look at Business Development Companies 
Prospect Capital Corporation (PSEC)
Grier Eliasek
President and Chief Operating Officer 

Grier is responsible for leading the Prospect team of professionals in the origination and assessment of investments.
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Grier discusses:
• Similarities and differences between CEFs & BDCs
• An overview of Prospect Capital
• Why consider investing in a BDC

Tap Into American Energy Independence
ClearBridge Investments
Chris Eades
Managing Director & Co-Portfolio Manager

Chris joined ClearBridge in 2006 and has 22 years of investment experience. He is co-portfolio manager for the ClearBridge energy MLP closed-end funds.

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Chris discusses:
• Factors influencing the MLP space
• Benefits of using an MLP CEF
• Outlook and trends in the energy market

The Long-Term Potential of CEFs vs. Open-End Funds
Virtus Investment Partners
Rob Kenyon
Managing Director

Rob joined Virtus in 2012 and has 17 years of industry experience. He is responsible for identifying growth areas for the company through the expansion of existing product and investment strategy capabilities, particularly Virtus' closed-end funds. 

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Rob highlights:
• The recently released whitepaper If You Have The Time.
• Research comparing the performance of CEFs vs. open-end funds.
• Why the CEF market may offer attractive investment opportunities.

Market Outlook for CEFs
Jon Diorio

Jon is responsible for U.S. retail product management, development and strategy within Blackrock’s U.S. Wealth Advisory division, including overseeing the Closed-End Fund business.
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Jon discusses:
• The market environment and outlook for CEFs
• The importance of total return in CEFs
• Positioning strategy of CEFs in your portfolio

Advisor Summit Preview
Nuveen Investments
Anne Kritzmire
President, CEFA
Managing Director, Closed-End Funds
and Global Structured Products

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Anne discusses:
• Benefit of attending The Advisor Summit
• In depth look at the event agenda

Investing in Healthcare and Biotechnology
TEKLA Capital Management LLC
Daniel R. Omstead, Ph.D.
President and Chief Executive Officer

Daniel joined TEKLA in 2000 and is also president of the H&Q Lifesciences and H&Q Healthcare Investor Funds. Previously, he spent 21 years in the biotechnology and pharmaceutical industries.

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Dan discusses: 
• The appeal of the biotechnology sector
• Opportunities in pre-public venture companies
• The Affordable Care Act and other factors influencing healthcare investing
• Why using a closed-end fund structure

Outlook for Fixed Income in Asia
Aberdeen Asset Management
Karen Bater, CFA
Senior Fixed Income Specialist

Karen joined the Aberdeen Asset Management’s Institutional Business Development Team in 2012, bringing more than 25 years of experience as a fixed income portfolio manager. 

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Karen highlights:
• 2013 market review and outlook for 2014.
• View on China, areas of opportunity, and Asian central banks. 

CEF Equity Investing using Convertibles to Reduce Volatility
Dinsmore Capital Management
James Dinsmore, CFA
EVP, Director & Portfolio Manager

James joined DCM in June 2004 and has 10 years of investment experience in convertibles. 
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James discusses:
• 2014 outlook for convertibles.
• Benefits of owning convertibles in a CEF structure.



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